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Dated: 07/12/2017

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Everyone wants to live in their "Dream Home." We often fantasize about it. We visualize the wall colors of our  immaculate living room and the walk-in closets in our Master bedrooms. Most of us can only dream about our dream house over looking the ocean. I know that is one of my dreams. Sitting; at dusk, in my lounger on the side of my infinity pool with a glass of wine as the cool breeze kisses my cheeks. Whew... okay, okay, enough of my dreams...lol... but you get the picture right.

 Dreams are great and some even feel close enough to touch, but others seem far, far away. Well today I've come to tell you, that you can have that dream house. You will never find the perfect dream house on the market that has every single thing you want in it, not even in a new build. 

The house you  purchase, becomes your Dream Home as soon as "You" put your special touch in to it.   You have a certain flair to your style that no one else does. You have perfect touches of colors and accents just for your living room. You know exactly how you want your kitchen to feel when you are preparing the day to day meals or celebrating special occasions with family and friends.

 So, my suggestion for all home buyers; especially first time home buyers is to pay attention to the houses that are on the market. Look closely at the home before you turn your nose up at it while you are out with your Realtor.  If you think you can see you and your family in that property at all then I would put in an offer ASAP. Cosmetics is a piece of cake to fix. As long as the home has good bones you can work your magic in it. If the house is in an area that is right for you and your family, if you can see the family eating dinner at the dining table or the kids playing in the backyard or see your husband grilling some ribs on the BBQ pit, don't hesitate "PUT THAT OFFER IN." What you don't want to do is take a chance on missing out on a great deal and a great home.

Again, your Dream Home becomes your Dream Home once you add your special touches to it. It might take a little while before you make it  perfect the way you want, but trust me all the work is worth the outcome.   

If you need a realtor that understands dreaming big, contact me Karen Morris (916) 384-5448, I would love to help you make your dreams come true.

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